Nambuhan Kobudo

Sho sho ryu & Muhen yogan ryu           南部蕃古武道  諸賞流  無辺要眼流


The Nambuhan Kobudo consists of many centuries old martial traditions:
Sho sho ryu and Muhen yogan ryu. The academy is located in the city of Morioka.

Shin tai ryu
is the representative of the two traditions outside of Japan.
In the year 2011 there was a friendship of 25 years!

For more information about both traditions such as history, techniques, etc
. click here.

The Sho sho ryu is headed by Shigeo Takahashi and Muhen (yogan) ryu is
led by Tomio Inoue and the Shin Tai Ryu is Shoha koryu dojo.

  Left Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Right. Inoue (click on picture for movie).





After ten years of friendship, Shigeo Takahashi
(Sho sho ryu) and the board of Shin tai ryu,
Corné van de Sanden and Mark Sterke, had a                       
Muhen ryu Bojutsu (densho).
meeting in The Netherlands and a friendship
exchanged (1996).




This is the first mokuroku (degree) that a foreigner ever
was supplied (July 1986). A mokuroku (left) consists of a
paper and an envelope (right).

Left Max Vromans (in armour with the family crest of the Nambuhan) and right Corné van de Sanden (sixth generation Soke
from the Shin tai ryu) in armour with the arms of the Dutch Academy of Traditional Martial Arts in front of  the kamiza at Riki
bu dojo, Tilburg. In the background you can see the shinbaku, the cloth with the two arms of the Shin tai ryu and Nambuhan.










Left you see the cover of a book documenting the history of the martial arts in Japan
and describes the history of the Sho sho ryu, Muhen ryu and the relationship with the
Shin tai ryu. The book is available at:

The practice of Kobudo Nambuhan is done in the Shin tai ryu within the framework of the Dutch
Academy of Traditional Martial Arts











The above magazines are available as a book and e-book. Left: describes the
first lustrum anniversary of the Riki bu dojo and several demonstrations of
Shin tai ryu, Sho sho ryu, and Muhen ryu and Chanoyu. Right: the extensive
description of the history of the Sho sho ryu and Muhen ryu (in English).

# The Japanse website:
A digital portrait of Shigeo Takahashi:,
for printable Japanese text click on the picture of Mr. Takahashi (above).
Video of a demonstration in Tokyo (Nihon Kobudo Shinkokai, 2000) by Mr. Takahashi and
Mr. Sterke (5th generation soke Shin tai ryu)
, click here. Mr. Sterke is a member of the Nihon
Kobudo Shinkokai







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